How does Whattest work?

1.The first step in any statistical analysis is to understand the structure of your dataset, the design of your study, and the statement of your research question in terms of these. To begin work on this, go to Understanding your Dataset. Then continue with the links Refining your research question and Understanding your study design to gather all of the information about your study that you need to navigate through the flowchart.

2.The second step is to do an exploratory data analysis. This involves creating plots, graphs, or charts from your data and interpreting them, as well as calculating summary statistics, such as means. Go to the Exploratory data analysis flowchart to begin work on this.

3.The third step is to deal with any missing data that you might have in your study. There is some help with this at Dealing with data issues

4.The final step in your analysis is to carry out formal inference procedures on your data, which may be statistical tests or some form of model building. The Flowchart will help you decide what procedure is the best one for your data, and will contain links to materials to help you learn how to carry out your analysis.