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Contact Information

For questions about the website, please contact whatteststats (at) gmail.com.

This resource is freely available for all uses public and private, but please cite it in any publications as:

E.Hunsicker et al, WhatTest, 2013, Loughborough University, UK. Accessed on (put date here), http://whattest.lboro.ac.uk.

The WhatTest development team includes:

E.Hunsicker, R. Stone, A. Palipana, P. Chung, A. Owen, K. Grace-Martin, R. Cleaver, S. Li, C. Hewitt, E. Brealey, K. Veale, C. Cannon, C. Tewkesbury, S. Haar, S. Booty and T. Foster.

For more statistics resources, check out our companion site: edgestats.lboro.ac.uk