Useful links

People you can get statistics help from

Loughborough University Statistics Consulting--should be the first stop for help for Loughborough students. Many universities have similar statistical consultancy services for students.

TalkStats--a forum where you can ask experts questions for free about your analysis or search for relevant posts about similar issues. A range of questions can be answered here. Probably a good place to get some ideas, but you should discuss the advice with the consulting service.

The Analysis Factor--a blog and consulting website with many helpful posts and some free and paid webinars on statistical analysis, in addition to fee-based consulting services. Excellent advice available for complicated statistical issues.

Statistical Calculators and Software

EDGEStats--a collection Excel tools for creating realistic datasets for teaching.

VassarStats--a collection of online statistical calculators, together with an online statistics textbook. A good resource for students who do not want to take on SPSS or R.

Shodor Interactive--a collection of applets, many for creating statistical graphics, such as bar charts, histograms, and boxplots. A good resource for students who do not want to take on SPSS or R.

Russ Lenth Power Calculators--a collection of basic online calculators for power and sample size. Not too hard to use, but not as complete as G*Power.

G*Power--a free downloadable program for doing statistical power calculations. Standard power calculator for a wide range of designs, but can be complicated to use.

R--an opensource program for statistical calculation, available for free download. Has a wide range of analysis techniques available, but requires some level of comfort both with programming and statistics.

RStudio-- free downloadable front-end for R (R must be installed first) that makes R a bit easier to use. Similar in layout to Matlab.

Online textbooks and resources

St Andrews Maths & Stats Hub--a collection of resources about statistics, including explanations of how to carry out many common tests.

CAST--an online statistics textbook with a wide range of examples and applets.

StatsTutor--a collection of resources about statistics, including videos demonstrating various analyses.