Statistical Tests

Accelerated failure time models

Binary logistic regression

Chi-square goodness of fit

Chi-square test of association

Cochran Q-test

Cox proportional hazards models

Exponential regression models

Exponential-logarithmic regression models

Factorial ANOVA

Fisher’s exact test

Friedmann test

General multiple linear regression

Independent two-sample t-test

Kaplan-Meier survival curve

Kruskal-Wallis test

Linear regression

Logrank test

McNemar test

Multinomial regression

Negative binomial regression models

One sample median test sign test

One sample t-test

One-way ANOVA independent measures

One-way ANOVA repeated measures

Ordinal logistic regression

Paired two sample t-test

Pearson’s correlation R

Poisson regression models

Spearman’s correlation rho

Wald test/confidence interval for one proportion

Wald test/confidence interval for the difference of proportions

Weibull regression models

Wilcoxon Mann-Whitney test

Wilcoxon signed rank test